Are you trying to deliver value?

Delivery Management is the book that will help you to uncover a discipline that is focussed on enabling teams to achieve valuable outcomes.

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What does this book offer?

Whether you're an experienced Delivery Manager or you are just starting your journey, this book has you covered.

  • Enablement

    Having everything required to be effective and achieve valuable outcomes is fundamental.

  • Removing Impediments

    Ensuring teams can get on with the job of delivering value without something getting in the way.

  • Facilitation

    Spending time with groups of people and teams in order to make decisions and define a course of action.

  • Coaching

    Supporting others to adopt new approaches, and maximise their potential, while advocating for self-organisation.

Want to know more?

You're in luck, there's plenty to read. This is your chance to take a closer look at what Delivery Management has to offer without jumping in at the deep end.

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What are people saying about Delivery Management?

  • “Great leadership isn't about command and control. It's about creating the context for people to do their best work. Delivery Management describes concrete actions for leaders to put that concept into practice. It is a great "how to" for leaders looking to get the best performance from teams.”

    Jim Whitehurst
    Former President of IBM
    & Former CEO of Red Hat
  • "A truly engaging and story-driven book that answers important questions about Delivery Management, offering valuable insights for experienced and new product practitioners. Jonny paints a clear picture of an emerging discipline that can help teams to realise their potential."

    Janna Bastow
    ProdPad & Mind The Product
  • "Jonny has delivered just as he always does: open, engaging, and incisive. There is huge richness for all leaders in this book shaping a conversation around an evolving environment with systems and humans at the core. A great read whether a seasoned Delivery Manager, or new to leadership."

    Roxane Heaton BEM
    Chief Information Officer
    Macmillan Cancer Support
  • "This is THE compendium on modern delivery leadership. Jonny builds on the shoulders of giants, weaving together contemporary product delivery approaches and articulates both the value of delivery roles as well as providing a useful toolbox for aspiring and experienced delivery leaders."

    Aaron Jaffery
    Director General - Service Canada
    Digital Experience and Client Data
  • "It's rare for an agile book to correctly capture and align all the conceptual elements, underpinning values and principles, but Jonny has managed it in Delivery Management. It strongly reflects how the best of modern Delivery Management is done in practice. Essential reading."

    Barry Traish
    Head of Role for Agile Delivery
    Department for Work and Pensions
  • "Must read material for all delivery professionals, and potentially for other team members in a Product Team, to build empathy and understanding for the role. By providing a common language and a gamut of practical tools, I’m expecting it to set forward the practice several years."

    Laura Burnett
    Head of Delivery
    Made Tech
  • "This is a thought-provoking, considered and enlightening guide. The focus on enablement, delivering quality and value over quantity, and helping to articulate clearly in a digestible way what Delivery Management actually is are just a few reasons why this is a recommended read!"

    Zara Powell
    TechWomen100 Award Winner
    Delivery Director - Zone
  • “This book is an absolute must-have for any new, aspiring or experienced Delivery Manager looking to perfect their craft. Full of useful nuggets, reflection points, and practical stories, I simply can't recommend this enough. You will not regret buying this book!”

    Nicolas Brown
    Agile Coach
  • "Comprehensive and balanced insights about Delivery Management for teams and leadership. A definitive guide for organisations already working in agile ways and for those looking to adopt. Valuable too for those new to the role of Delivery Manager and those already experienced."

    Himal Mandalia
    Former Head of Technology for GOV.UK
    Government Digital Service

What else do we offer?


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The impact of Delivery Management

  • 1

    Enable Teams

    Application of the three aspects of enablement; impediment removal, coaching, and facilitation, ensures that teams can mitigate blockers, maximise their potential, and collaborate successfully. This helps them to unlock their true capability on the journey towards value delivery.

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  • 2

    Increase Effectiveness

    Through the removal of impediments, facilitation, and coaching, Delivery Management supports the discovery of new and better ways of working, while ensuring a psychologically safe environment exists that nurtures team capability. Incremental and iterative improvement emerges from continuous reflection.

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  • 3

    Deliver Value

    Effective teams have the opportunity to define a vision, pursue shared goals, and achieve valuable outcomes. With the support of Delivery Management, people can accomplish incredible things together, resulting in successes that have a tangible impact on colleagues, customers, and users.

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