What is Delivery Management? Podcast Episode

published on 21 January 2023

I had the opportunity to share my insights on Delivery Management as a guest on the final episode of The Tiny DevOps podcast of 2022.

During the interview, we discussed my book "Delivery Management: Enabling Teams to Deliver Value" and delved into various aspects of the discipline, including what it is, the differences between the discipline and the role, and how it compares to an assortment of concepts including Agile, Lean, Scrum, Product Management, and ITSM.

It was a brilliant experience to discuss the history of Delivery Management, where the discipline can commonly be found, and some of the benefits organisations can expect from having people working in a dedicated enablement capacity. We also discussed the increasing popularity of Delivery Management in organisations of all sizes and industries, particularly outside of the UK.

One of the key points I emphasised during the interview is that Delivery Management is not constrained by a singular approach. It can be tailored to the needs of different organisations and teams, incorporating a number of different approaches, from kanban and Scrum, to DevOps and TeamOps.

It was an honour to be a guest on The Tiny DevOps podcast and share my thoughts on Delivery Management. I encourage you to give the episode a listen, and if you're hungry for more you can check out my book and discover how it can help unlock the potential of your team.

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